To "The Group"

I thought you guys grew up and quit being high schoolers. I thought wrong. All of you are children that need to grow up and quit talking about people as if you're any better. What I do in my own personal time is my business and if I wanted any of you to know, then I'd tell you. Who I sleep or have slept with is none of your concern because I know none of you want me to name all the people any of you have slept with or messed around with. My boyfriend knows everything I've done with any guy. He has no problem with my past. I'm not cheating on him nor do I plan on doing so. Therefore, all of you can shut your piehole and find something else to talk about. And, no, I've never touched Eddie or vice versa. Sorry to dispell all of your stupid ideas about me and him, as if it's any of your business. He's been a better friend to me than any of you ever have or can imagine. Don't talk bad about me unless you're prepared to have your dirt known everywhere and to everyone. Grow up and leave me the hell alone. I gave you guys a second a chance but that's over and done with. Forget you all.
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